Исполнители Топ
1.A 223010Bad Idea
2.A D D
12206Blame Barzon
3.A Global Threat 14308Elitist Attitudes
4.A Perfect Circle 561022Vanishing
5.A Static Lullaby 206010A Sip Of Wine Chased With Cyanide
6.A-Ha 405028Cannot Hide
7.A1 330021Cherish This Love
8.ABBA 14440116Another Town Another Train
9.AC/DC 27910230Back In Black
10.ARNI 9601Обними меня крепко
11.ARTIK 20208Обещай не делать больно
12.ASTI 10907Обещай не делать больно
13.Aaliyah 14707Are You That Somebody
14.Abandoned Pools 14304L V B D
15.Abigor 11407Demons Vortex
16.Abreu Zequinha 6301Tico-tico
17.Abrunhosa Pedro 235012Beijo
18.Accept 367017Ahead Of The Pack
19.Ace Of Base 19704Beautiful Life
20.Ace Troubleshooter 10304Dont Trust That Girl
21.Achim Reichel 10104Halla Ballu Ballay
22.Acid Bath 16006Dead Girl
23.Adam Sandler 282016Somebody Kill Me
24.Adams Bryan 17980161The Best Of Me
25.Adams Ryan 393025Answering Bell
26.Adele 1016027Skyfall
27.Adema 440038Do What You Want To Do
28.Adicts 200011Come Along
29.Adolescents 9204Amoeba
30.Adriano Celentano 446024Un Carezza In Un Pugno
31.Aereogramme 13706I Dont Need Your Love
32.Aerosmith 16070164Aint That A Bitch
33.Aeternus 8904Ild Dans
34.Afi 8970926 To 8
35.Afroman 16109Colt 45
36.After Forever 10705Black Tomb
37.After Image 11304Mangarap Ka
38.Against All Authority 25301612:00 Am
39.Against Me 15509Cavalier Eternel
40.Age Of Electric 11506Dont Wreck It
41.Agent Orange 233010A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
42.Agnostic Front 307013Bloodsucker
43.Aguilera Christina 353016Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
44.Aiken Clay 11605When You Say You Love Me
45.Aimee Mann 453061All Over Now
46.Air 236014All I Need
47.Air Quake
8204Here We Go
48.Air Supply 14907Every Woman In The World
49.Al Bano and Romina Power 12301Isla para dos
50.Al Di Meola 18407Heru Mertar
51.Alabama 10405Hey Baby
52.Alai Oli 1089050Не грусти
53.Alan David Coe 198013Call Me By My Name
54.Alan Jackson 184015Chattahoochie
55.Alan Parsons 385026Ammonia Avenue
56.Alan Parsons Project 178023Ammonia Avenue
57.Alanis Morissette 43105921 Things I Want In A Lover
58.Alex Lloyd 202010Trigger
59.Alex Wasten 6901Я Человек паук
60.Alexisonfire 314023Where No One Knows
61.Alice Cooper 517026Between High School And Old School
62.Alice In Chains 715059Alone
63.Alicia Keys 15304Aint Got Nothing
64.Alien Ant Farm 617049Sticks And Stones
65.Alison Krauss 14507I\'ll Fly Away
66.Alkaline Trio 11630109Another Innocent Girl
67.All 10005Button It
68.All About Eve 15109Wild Flowers
69.All Saints 9104All Hooked Up
70.All Star United 10505Lullaby
71.All-american Rejects 409035Drive Away
72.Allin GG 330013Abuse Me I Want To Die
73.Allister 422036Boysenberry
74.Allman Brothers 375026Blue Sky
75.Aloha From Hell 5301Walk Away
76.Alterrain 12607Ahead Of The Front
77.Alyosha 10105Ты смысл моей жизни
78.Amanda Marshall 288027Beautiful Goodbye
79.Amatory 31709Черно-белые дни
80.Ambros Wolfgang 10305Der Hofer
81.Amen 296022Buy American
82.America 211011All My Life
83.American Head Charge 202013All Wrapped Up
84.American Hi Fi 416029A Bigger Mood
85.Amorphis 351024The Way
86.Amos Tori 312019Beauty Queen
87.Amy Grant 9904Every Road
88.Anacondaz 26104Пох*исты
89.Anal Cunt 11504Everyone In Limp Bizkit Should Be Killed
90.Anastacia 21908Cowboys And Kisses
91.Anathema 340022Are You There
92.Ancient 12507Canto Iii
93.And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 281015A Perfect Teenhood
94.Anderson John 9404Laid Your Memory To Rest
95.Andreas Johnson 6301Glorious
96.Andreone Leah 10207Come Sunday Morning
97.Andres Calamaro 18506Crimenes Perfectos
98.Andrew WK 250015Fun Night
99.Angels 18109After The Rain
100.Angelwitch 11206Angelwitch
101.Angra 15809Angels Cry
102.Angus and Julia Stone 8502Big Jet Plane
103.Ani Difranco 215014Angry Anymore
104.Animal ДжаZ 2516057Чужими слезами
105.Animals 396024Baby Let Me Take You Home
106.Annegarn Dick 16606Attila Joszef
107.Annihilator 302014The Fun Palace
108.Anouk 182010Tom Waits
109.Anthrax 392030604
110.Anti Heros 10104Dark Streets
111.Anti-flag 93109320 Years Of Hell
112.Antimatter 12006Angelic
113.Antiskeptic 6803Called
114.Antonio Banderas 10801Cancion Del Mariachi
115.Anus Benus
8204Anus Benus
116.Anya 4902Гуляем по небу
117.Aparo Angie 151010American
118.Apocalyptica 193016Bittersweet
119.April Wine 8304Roller
120.Apulanta 11006Anna Mulle Piiskaa
121.Aqua 15205Aquarius
122.Aquabats 1860910
123.Arch Enemy 367026Angelclaw
124.Archi Lil 5301Мисс
125.Archi-M 41103Живите мои чувства
126.Arctic Monkeys 9601R U Mine
127.Area 51 8605Fishcomb
128.Area 7 3710282nd Class Citizen
129.Arie India 13406Promise
130.Armor For Sleep 9704Being Your Walls
131.Armstrong Louis 17508Summertime
132.Art REY 6301У тебя есть я, у меня есть ты
133.As I Lay Dying 217011Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier
134.Ash 688067Angel Interceptor
135.Ashcroft Richard 202010A Song For The Lovers
136.Asia 8504Arena
137.Asian Dub Foundation 11304Free Satpal Ram
138.Aslan 10605This Time
139.Assorted Jelly Beans 112068th Grade Nerd
140.At The Drive-in 456036198d
141.At The Gates 14207The Fevered Circle
142.Ataris 888092A Beautiful Mistake
143.Atb 120039 Pm Til I Come
144.Atheist 256017An Incarnations Dream
145.Atkins Chet 17205Freight Train
146.Atomic Kitten 164010You Are
147.Atreyu 352024Someones Standing On My Chest
148.Attiley 117053rd Period Crush
149.Audio Adrenaline 363031Be Your Hands
150.Audioslave 766073We Got A Better Bomb
151.Audiovent 12707The Energy
152.Auf der Maur Melissa 11306Lightning Is My Girl
153.Auteurs 9404Bailed Out
154.Authority Zero 15009Everyday
155.Autopilot Off 169010Silver Star
156.Avantasia 10605The Final Sacrifice
157.Avenged Sevenfold 354027An Epic Of Time Wasted
158.Avenue Princessa 15403Девчонка-малолетка
159.Avril Lavigne 978064Anything But Ordinary
160.Awkward Dream 14307A Summer Not Remembered
161.Axel Pell Rudi 16007Carousel
162.Aynsley Lister 213010Tougher Than Tough
163.Ayreon 7403Garden Of Emotions