Исполнители Топ
1.B. B. King 14804Ask Me No Questions
2.BBMak 229016Never Gonna Give You Up
3.Baba Yaga 4401So Ends Another Day
4.Babasonicos 11205Putita
5.Babes In Toyland 8404The Quiet Room
6.Bacharach Burt 10103Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head
7.Bachelor Girl 148011Blown Away
8.Bachman Turner Overdrive 17607Rock Is My Life And This Is My Song
9.Backstreet Boys 606050Back To Your Heart
10.Backyard Babies 213013Backstabber
11.Bad Brains 179014At The Movies
12.Bad Cash Quartet 205015Big Day Coming
13.Bad Company 13806Ready For Love
14.Bad News 10405Masturbike
15.Bad Religion 13430127I Love My Computer
16.Badly Drawn Boy 326023Disillusion
17.Baez Joan 11804Love Is Just A Four Letter Word
18.Bahh Tee 137102310 лет спустя
19.Bahroma 17901Надолго
20.Balan Dan 12203Oriunde ai fi
21.Bamboo 14704Masaya
22.Band 14608This Wheels On Fire
23.Banderas Antonio 10801Cancion Del Mariachi
24.Bandits 18508Another Sad Song
25.Bangles 19308More Than Meets The Eye
26.Barathrum 10506Dark Sorceress
27.Barclay James Harvest 469054Looking From The Outside
28.Barenaked Ladies 517064Careless Whisper
29.Baris Manco 248012Can Bedenden Cikmayinca
30.Bariton 10402Ты мне нужна
31.Barrett Syd 274025Love Song
32.Bathory 18509Massacre
33.Battisti Lucio 261023E Penso A Te
34.Bauhaus 183012Hollow hills
35.Beach Boys 576041California Dreaming
36.Beastie Boys 369030Alright Hear This
37.Beatles 54440547A Day In The Life
38.Beatsteaks 11004Summer
39.Beautiful South 293025Im Your Number One Fan
40.Beck 724054Asshole
41.Beck Jeff 16709Mister Your A Better Man Than I
42.Becker Jason 23107Serrana
43.Becks 3301До жути
44.Bedingfield Daniel 12604If Youre Not The One
45.Bee Gees 440028Alone
46.Beggar's Bridge 175011Sir Walter Ralegh
47.Behemoth 10904Moonspell Rites
48.Belle And Sebastian 366025Belle And Sebastian
49.Belly 148011Full Moon
50.Ben Folds Five 269028Rain Drops Keep Falling
51.Ben Harper 988067Alone
52.Benatar Pat 11904Heartbreaker
53.Bennato Eduardo 181012La Luna
54.Bennington Chester 9702Morning After
55.Ber-Linn 679037Моя любовь на пятом этаже
56.Berlin 7802The Metro
57.Berry Chuck 54903512 Bar Blues
58.Bert Jansch 563048A Dream, A Dream, A Dream
59.Beta Band 16006I Know
60.Bette Midler 10704Wind Beneath My Wings
61.Better Than Ezra 269019A Lifetime
62.Bettie Serveert 17509Leg
63.Bevis Frond 14808Day One
64.Beyonce Knowles 9102Crazy In Love
65.Bic Runga 12305Sway
66.Bieber Justin 1474049That Power
67.Bif Naked 190017Dawn
68.Biffy Clyro 582041The Ideal Height
69.Big Country 222010Chance
70.Big Dumb Face 8504Rebel
71.Big Head Todd 15409Midnight Radio
72.Big Soul 8403Burning Up The Freeway
73.Big Sugar 200014Turn The Lights On
74.Big Tent Revival 13905Mend Me
75.Big Wreck 8603The Oaf
76.Bigwig 211014Boardumb
77.Bikini Kill 12105I Hate Danger
78.Bill Withers 12304Aint No Sunshine
79.Billy Cyrus Ray 13206Wherem I Gonna Live
80.Billy Idol 19108Flesh For Fantasy
81.Billy Joel 199029Allentown
82.Billy Talent 514042Beach Balls
83.Billy’s Band 55105432 рубля
84.Binocular 7202Deep
85.Biohazard 12406Punishment
86.Birdman 5201Priceless
87.Birgit 9704I Know
88.Bishop Stephen 8001It Might Be You
89.Bjork 339021Joga
90.Bjorn Rosenstrom 18709Sockiplast
91.Black Clint 175010No Time To Kill
92.Black Crowes 352024A Conspiracy
93.Black Eyed Peas 426022Where Is The Love
94.Black Flag 268021Six Pack
95.Black Frank 308023What Ever Happened To Pong
96.Black Keys 8303Set You Free
97.Black Lab 13404Learn To Crawl
98.Black Label Society 58804213 Years Of Grief
99.Black Mary 14808Bright Blue Rose
100.Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 472024As Sure As The Sun
101.Black Sabbath 48110432A Bit Of Finger Sleeping Village The Warning
102.Blackend 198011Out Of My Life
103.Blackfield 154016Where Is My Love
104.Blackfoot 8103Diary Of A Working Man
105.Blackmore Ritchie 183012Wish You Were Here
106.Blaze 12305Tearing Yourself To Pieces
107.Bleach 208011Tea For Two
108.Bled 11305Red Wedding
109.Blessid Union Of Souls 14307I Wanna Be There
110.Blind Faith 11504Had To Cry Today
111.Blind Guardian 670052A Dark Passage
112.Blind Jefferson Lemon 12906Matchbox Blues
113.Blind Melon 386031Candy Says
114.Blindside 299023About A Burning Fire
115.Blindspott 14106Mind Dependency
116.Blink 182 2870023713 Miles
117.Blizzard 226014Aching Shadows
118.Blondie 336027Atomic
119.Bloodbath 157013Bathe In Blood
120.Bloodhound Gang 981058Boom
121.Blue 25708Guilty
122.Blue Aeroplanes 14908Talking On The Other Phone
123.Blue October 11405The Answer
124.Blue Oyster Cult 362024Black Blade
125.Blue Rodeo 316023After The Rain
126.Blue System 294014Romeo & Juliet
127.Blues Brothers 222013Rawhide
128.Blues Traveler 185012The Mountains Win Again
129.Bluetones 190012Sleazy Bed Track
130.Blunt James 35405You\'re beautiful
131.Blur 16200157Advert
132.Bob Dylan 19410174A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall
133.Bob Hund 15608Upp Upp Upp Ner
134.Bob Marley 8380104Babylon By Bus
135.Bob Seger 180011Youll Accompany Me
136.Bobby McFerrin 10801Dont Worry Be Happy
137.Bodeans 11705Paradise
138.Body Count 13407Body Counts In The House
139.Bodyjar 2160185 Minutes Away
140.Bogguss Suzy 11508Outbound Plane
141.Bogle Eric 15205No Mans Land
142.Bohemia Suburbana 174010Aire
143.Bohse Onkelz 253014Bin Ich Nur Gluecklich Wenn Es Schmerzt
144.Bolt Thrower 10707Unleashed
145.Bolton Michael 10004I Said I Love You But I Lied
146.Bombshell 8305Figured Her Out
147.Bon Jovi 19090152Another Reason To Believe
148.Bondoc Jimmy 9702Let Me Be The One
149.Boney M 19007El Lute
150.Boney Nem 186011Its My Life
151.Bonnie Raitt 1750163 Time Loser
152.Boo Hewerdine 2220859 Yards
153.Booker T And The Mgs 9102Time Is Tight
154.BoomBox 1750031Віддаю
155.Bosson 9802One In A Million
156.Boston 291026A Man Ill Never Be
157.Boudewijn De Groot 12908Naast Jou
158.Bouncing Souls 370035Lamar Vannoy
159.Bowie David 10740111Man Who Sold The World
160.Bowling For Soup 566047Hit Me Baby One More Time
161.Boxcar Racer 1040097World Outside
162.Boy Hits Car 185010Going To India
163.Boy Sets Fire 145011After The Eulogy
164.Boyzone 11405Words
165.Bracket 11205Warrens Song Part 4
166.Bragg Billy 258022Where The Roses Are In Bloom
167.Brainstorm 686040Ты не один
168.Bramhall Doyle 14709Soul Shaker
169.Branch Michelle 731065Drop In The Ocean
170.Brand New 456043Failure By Design
171.Brandy 9803Full Moon
172.Brassens Georges 19708Les Copains Dabord
173.Braxton Toni 11803Unbreak My Heart
174.Bread 18608If
175.Breaking Benjamin 444023Wish I May
176.Breed 77 12605La Ultima Hora
177.Breeders 2650229
178.Brel Jacques 17105Mathilde
179.Brian Eno 17909Cindy Tells Me
180.Brickell Edie 15105Green
181.Brides Of Destruction 6003Brace Yourself
182.Bright Eyes 261016A Scale A Mirror And Those Indifferent Clocks
183.Britney Spears 545024Crazy
184.Broder Daniel 10507Ill Be Gone
185.Brodie 11507Rip Off
186.Brooks And Dunn 162010Never Forgive My Heart
187.Brooks Garth 342032Against The Grain
188.Brooks Meredith 14509Somedays
189.Brown Ian 8403Sunshine
190.Brown James 286017Bodyheat
191.Browne Jackson 283018Doctor My Eyes
192.Bruce Cockburn 283024All The Ways I Want You
193.Bruce Dickinson 257018Chemical Wedding
194.Bruce Springsteen 609048Youre Missing
195.Brujeria 168012666
196.Bruno Mars 11201Runaway Baby
197.Bryan Adams 17980161The Best Of Me
198.Bryan Ferry 17408Avalon
199.Bubba Sparxxx 8102Ugly
200.Buck-o-nine 161011Ah Yeah
201.Buckcherry 207014Anything Anything
202.Buckethead 530032Aquabot
203.Buckley Jeff 20008Satisfied Mind
204.Buckley Tim 213016Aren`t You The Girl
205.Buddy Holly 251015Because I Love You
206.Buffalo Springfield 11606Out Of My Mind
207.Buffett Jimmy 233014Cheeseburger In Paradise
208.Buffy The Musical 6905Ive Got A Theory
209.Buhar Jerreau 7301Мост
210.Built To Spill 12806You Were Right
211.Bunton Emma 14205Sunshine On A Rainy Day
212.Burgh De Chris 443032The Snows Of New York
213.Burzum 211014En Ring Til A Herske
214.Bush 807084Bonedriven
215.Busta Rhymes 15504Break Ya Neck
216.Busted 646067All The Way
217.Butch 206011Девчонки не плачут
218.Butterfingers 164014Chemistry
219.Butterfly Temple 10704Берегиня
220.Butthole Surfers 197014Jingle Of A Dogs Collar
221.Buzzcocks 229017Somthings Wrong Again
222.Byrds 576044All The Things