Исполнители Топ
1.CENTR 7203Опоздание
2.CG Bros 11101Мама
3.CIV 8904All Twisted
4.CKY 790087Bams Plunger Wake Up
5.CPM 22 13305Anteontem
6.CWT 57302415 суток
7.Cabrel Francis 236012Carte Postale
8.Caifanes 18909La Celula Que Explota
9.Cake 460050I Will Survive
10.Calamaro Andres 18506Crimenes Perfectos
11.Calexico 13805The Ride
12.Caliban 10304Fire Of The Night
13.Calibretto 13 14108Goodbye Cruel World
14.Calling 465042Adrienne
15.Camper Van Beethoven 10006Where The Hell Is Bill
16.Candlebox 233021Arrow
17.Candlemass 157014Ancient Dreams
18.Cannibal Corpse 639059A Skull Full Of Maggots
19.Cantrell Jerry 11507Man In The Box
20.Capdown 12808Ska Wars
21.Caputo Keith 12407New York City
22.Caramelos De Cianuro 10605Pegale Con El Martillo
23.Carbon Leaf 11806On Any Given Day
24.Carcass 578045Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody
25.Carcassi Matteo 10004Untitled
26.Cardigans 256018My Favourite Game
27.Carey Mariah 19607Honey
28.Carlos Santana 964056Yaleo
29.Carlton Vanessa 12105Pretty Baby
30.Carolines Spine 6704Attention Please
31.Carpenters 12005Close To You
32.Cars 8605Good Times Roll
33.Carter Nick 9503I Got You
34.Cascavelletes Os 12005Estou Amando Uma Mulher
35.Cash Johnny 665060Before My Time
36.Caspi Matti 15307When Got Said
37.Cassidy Eva 18606It Doesnt Matter Anymore
38.Casualties 369041American Justice
39.Cat Stevens 475025The Hurt
40.Catatonia 202019Bleed
41.Catch 22 1660151234
42.Caterina Caselli 11305Per Fare Un Umo
43.Catharsis 388023Взорви мои сны
44.Cathedral 15509Equilibrium
45.Catherine Wheel 8105Crank
46.Cauterize 8705Killing Me
47.Cave Nick 358044Where The Wild Roses Grow
48.Cave Nick And The Bad Seeds 11006Sweetheart Come
49.Celentano Adriano 446024Un Carezza In Un Pugno
50.Celine Dion 479045A New Day Has Come
51.Celtic Frost 13206Dethroned Emperor
52.Cerati Gustavo 240020A Merced
53.Chad Kroeger 8001Hero
54.Chambers Kasey 153012Captain
55.Chantal Kreviazuk 214022Actions Without Love
56.Chao Manu 17907Bongo Bong
57.Chapin Harry 12907Copper
58.Chapin Mary Carpenter 303032A Keeper For Every Flame
59.Chapman Tracy 299024Across The Lines
60.Charlatans 260016An Easy Life
61.Charles Ray 12303Take These Chains
62.Cheap Trick 415040Aint That A Shame
63.Chemical Brothers 12404Let Forever Be
64.Cher 14006I Got You Babe
65.Cherry Eagle-Eye 16704Are You Still Havin Fun
66.Cherry Neneh 7403Somedays
67.Chesnutt Mark 10205King Of Broken Hearts
68.Chester 11807No More To See
69.Chester Bennington 9702Morning After
70.Chet Atkins 17205Freight Train
71.Chevelle 619064An Evening With El Diablo
72.Chicago 23901525 Or 6 To 4
73.Chicosci 226018A Habit Of Rest Brings Nothing
74.Children Of Bodom 434043Downfall
75.Chimaira 397044Abeo
76.ChinKong 6201Свежая Вода
77.Chixdiggit 165015Chupacabra
78.Choking Victim 2810185 Finger Discount
79.Chou Jay 15505Gui Ji
80.Chris Cornell 13805Cant Change Me
81.Chris Daughtry 18906Feels Like Tonight
82.Chris De Burgh 443032The Snows Of New York
83.Chris Hillman 197022Ashes Of Love
84.Chris Isaak 432049Going Nowhere
85.Chris Rea 238025All Summer Long
86.Christensen Tim 221016Feel Me
87.Christie 9704San Bernadino
88.Christina Aguilera 353016Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
89.Christina Vidal 8501Take Me Away
90.Christy Lauren 6801The Color of the Night
91.Chuck Berry 54903512 Bar Blues
92.Chumbawamba 12706The Morning After
93.Church 161013Almost With You
94.Cinder 7101She Said
95.Cinderella 19208One For Rock And Roll
96.Cinerama 14508Dance Girl Dance
97.Circle Jerks 12407The Crowd
98.Clapton Eric 16620183Layla
99.Clark Gary Jr 6301Nextdoor Neighbor Blues
100.Clark Gene 222016Almost Saturday Night
101.Clarks 12809Does Your Harbour Light Still Shine
102.Clarkson Kelly 14302Just Missed The Train
103.Clash 8080801977
104.Clawfinger 13106Out To Get Me
105.Clay Aiken 11605When You Say You Love Me
106.Cliff Jimmy 10905You Can Get It If You Really Want
107.Cline Patsy 15707Crazy
108.Clint Black 175010No Time To Kill
109.Clockwork Times 184024Мой милый эмо-бой
110.Clutch 19709Basket Of Eggs
111.Clyne Roger 14809Beautiful Disaster
112.Coal Chamber 479040Alienate Me
113.Cochran Eddie 12302Summertime Blues
114.Cockburn Bruce 283024All The Ways I Want You
115.Cocker Joe 20106Guilty
116.Cocksuckers 322029Cankersore Jubilee
117.Cocteau Twins 189014Tresure Hiding
118.Coe David Alan 198013Call Me By My Name
119.Coheed And Cambria 186016A Favor House Atlantic
120.Cohen Leonard 7970120Anthem
121.Cokelat 171012Bendera
122.Cold 1038099Anti-love Song
123.Cold Chisel 11608Bow River
124.Coldplay 15240112A Rush Of Blood To The Head
125.Cole Jude 9106I Won`t Bleed
126.Cole Lloyd 111052cv
127.Collective Soul 592057After All
128.Collins Phil 279014Against All Odds
129.Colton Graham 10509How Low Breakdown
130.Colvin Shawn 177015Heart On Ice
131.Comedy Club 872039А ты сама козел (песня про российский быт)
132.Commodores 7803Brick House
133.Concrete Blonde 156013Blood Letting
134.Connells 990374-75
135.Conrad 7605Tool
136.Consoli Carmen 8806Autunno Dolciastro
137.Constellation 10807A Summer Not Remembered
138.Consumed 8806Brutal Tooth
139.Control Denied 10706Cut Down
140.Conway Twitty 270019Lost In The Feeling
141.Cooke Sam 15006Twistin The Night Away
142.Coolio 6201Gangsters Paradise
143.Cooper Alice 517026Between High School And Old School
144.Copeland 13306California
145.Coral 183017Bill Macai
146.Core Duo 6701А мне бы до утра
147.Corrosion Of Conformity 13507Heavens Not Overflowing
148.Corrs 466053All In A Day
149.Cosmic Rough Riders 168015Baby Youre So Free
150.Costello Elvis 582065After The Fall
151.Cougar John Mellencamp 453045Ain`t Even Done With The Night
152.Counting Crows 303037A Long December
153.Couple 8905На остановках
154.Course Of Nature 5502Caught In The Sun
155.Coverdale Page 11007Take A Look At Yourself
156.Cowboy Junkies 13008If You Were The Woman
157.Cowboys Fringants 8306Awikatchikan
158.Coxon Graham 11106Are You Lonely
159.Coyne Kevin 133012Eastbourne Ladies
160.Cracker 193013100 Flower Power Maximum
161.Crackout 7104I Am The One
162.Cradle Of Filth 715069No Time To Cry
163.Cragga 268017I Dont Care For Religion
164.Craig David 537024Key To My Heart
165.Cranberries 11470107Analyse
166.Crash 13208Fidelity
167.Crash MC 3801Репчина Грузит
168.Crash Test Dummies 148018Afternoons Amp Coffeespoons
169.Crass 16507Mother Earth
170.Crazy Town 418042Battle Cry
171.Cream 525046Anyone For Tennis
172.Credo mr. 442010Вор
173.Creed 11880149Are You Ready
174.Creedence Clearwater Revival 511047Away
175.Croce Jim 243015A Long Time Ago
176.Crosby David 10306Almost Cut My Hair
177.Crosby Stills Nash And Young 525066After The Storm
178.Cross Borns 9006Gollam Dala
179.Crow Sheryl 412036Anything But Down
180.Crowbar 10106All I Had
181.Crowded House 386040All I Ask
182.Cult 183015Bad Fun
183.Cure 1095010839
184.Curtis Mayfield 13307Freddies Dead
185.Curtis Steven Chapman 8005Let Us Pray
186.Cyndi Lauper 13906All Through The Night
187.Cynic 8206Celestial Voyage
188.Cypress Hill 758082Audio X
189.Cyrus Billy Ray 13206Wherem I Gonna Live
190.Cyrus Miley 4501Send in on
191.Сергей Лысенко
9101Русский стиль