Исполнители Топ
1.L7 162010Shitlist
2.LIS MC aka 9301Время лечит
3.LSD Tyomas Band 16205Intro
4.La Ley 4340341-800 Dual
5.La Renga 9806Cuando Vendran
6.Lacrimosa 15306Alleine zu zweit
7.Lacuna Coil 1860141 19
8.Lagwagon 444071After You My Friend
9.Lake of Tears 204018Headstones
10.Lamb Of God 12104Black Label
11.Lang Jonny 12306Breakin Me
12.Larc En Ciel 225019Blurry Eyes
13.Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards 10505Dead American
14.Las 9706Feelin
15.Las Ketchup 10102Asereje
16.Lauper Cyndi 13906All Through The Night
17.Lauren Christy 6801The Color of the Night
18.Lavigne Avril 978064Anything But Ordinary
19.Lawrence Arms 8504Brickwall Views
20.Leah Andreone 10207Come Sunday Morning
21.Leann Rimes 12705How Do I Live
22.Led Zeppelin 11650168Stairway To Heaven
23.Lee David Roth 10607Yankee Rose
24.Lee Jerry Lewis 6301Great Balls Of Fire
25.Lee John Hooker 187013Dimples
26.Lee Tommy 14603Blue
27.Lee Tonya 24601Грустные слова
28.Leftover Crack 13905Nazi Whitetrash
29.Leg Mc 419013Не Грусти
30.Leitch Donovan 18509Widow With A Shawl
31.Lemon Blind Jefferson 12906Matchbox Blues
32.Lemonheads 2370423-9-4
33.Lene Marlin 17307Faces
34.Lenka 11101Everything At Once
35.Lennon John 13110547A Day In The Life
36.Lenny Kravitz 1088095Fly Away
37.Leonard Cohen 7970120Anthem
38.Leontiou Kristian 6301Story Of My Life
39.Less Than Jake 5170863 Quarts Drunk
40.Letters To Cleo 8703I Want You To Want Me
41.Levellers 388031Another Mans Cause
42.Levon 8407Мама
43.Lewis Gary 10205Between The Lines
44.Liam Lynch 8404Cuz You Do
45.Libertines 2610277 Deadly Sins
46.Libido 168017Cicuta
47.Life Of Agony 271035Bad Seed
48.Lifehouse 462057Everything
49.Lightfoot Gordon 207019Affair On Eighty Avenue
50.Lightning Seeds 179020All I Want
51.Lil Archi 5301Мисс
52.Lil Wayne 3901American Superstar
53.Lillix 16901824 7
54.Limp Bizkit 926080Behind Blue Eyes
55.Lindsay Lohan 9002Ultimate
56.Link 80 16709Enough
57.Linkin Park 886068A Place For My Head
58.Lionel Richie 12705Easy
59.Liquid Tension 11009When Water Breaks
60.Liquido 8304Narcotic
25206Свобода вдохновения
62.LirnikBand 5203Жигули
63.Lisa Loeb 21809Train Song
64.Lister Aynsley 213010Tougher Than Tough
65.Lit 385053A Place In The Sun
66.Little Feat 203013All That You Dream
67.Little Rabbits 13607Bye Bye Bye
68.Little Richard 236012Kansas City
69.Live 508073All Over You
70.Living Colour 10806Hemp
71.Living End 943071loid Magazine
72.Liz Phair 14607Extraordinary
73.Lloyd Alex 202010Trigger
74.Lloyd Cole 111052cv
75.Loaf Meat 15409Id Do Anything For Love
76.Local H 270030All The Kids Are Right
77.Lodge John 19509Intro To Children Of Rock N Roll
78.Lofgren Nils 12007Cry Just A Little
79.Log DoG 845098Нет не тот
80.Loggins Kenny 13106Rainbow Connection
81.Lonestar 9104Come Crying To Me
82.Long Addiction 156016Counting The Days
83.Long Beach Dub Allstars 13308Righteous Dub
84.Lopez Jennifer 27407If You Had My Love
85.Lordi 7401Hard Rock Hallelujah
86.Los Lobos 21207One Time One Night
87.Los Piojos 7204Ando Ganas
88.Los Prisioneros 11005Quieren Dinero
89.Lostprophets 491070A Million Miles
90.Lou Reed 228011The Kids
91.Louis Armstrong 17508Summertime
92.Louna 78608Мама
93.Lovato Demi 66901001234 Goodbye
94.Ls. Rock 8301Rock feat. NaSty - Всем
95.Luca Turilli 9006Lord Of The Winter Snow
96.Luciano Ligabue 10807Il Giorno Di Dolore Che Uno Ha
97.Lucio Battisti 261023E Penso A Te
98.Lucio Dalla 20509Dalla Lucio
99.Lucksmiths 143015Clever Hans
100.Lucky Boys Confusion 13707Breaking Rules
101.Lucy Kaplansky 124010My Name Joe
102.Ludacris 11107Yous A Ho
103.Luina 9701Титaник
104.Lumen 2579083Ложь
105.Lunatic Scale 3401Что если
106.Lustra 7901Scotty Doesnt Know
107.Lykke Li 406022Breaking It Up
108.Lyle Lovett 12706Old Friend
109.Lynch Stephen 380035Bitch
110.Lyndsay Diaries 177012A Farewell To Autumn
111.Lynyrd Skynyrd 619079All I Have Is A Song