Исполнители Топ
1.P.O.D. 8080118Youth Of The Nation
2.PJ Harvey 32101930
3.PLedoFF Гарик 8301Капли
4.PRODAK MIKE Жигуль 8101Бандитка девятка
5.Pacifier 9706Walls
6.Page Jimmy 16305Blues Anthem
7.Pain 14904Shut Your Mouth
8.Panda 159019Abierto
9.Pantera 8750110Cowboys From Hell
10.Paolo Santos 592036Seasons Of Love
11.Papa Roach 25320120Between Angels And Insects
12.Para Bellvm 8205Завтра будет тепло
13.Para-Dox 132905Последнее слово
14.Paradise Lost 324050Gothic
15.Parokya Ni Edgar 673076Absorbing Man
16.Parsons Alan 385026Ammonia Avenue
17.Parsons Gene 11608Do Not Disturb
18.Parsons Gram 19709How Much Ive Lied
19.Pastorius Jaco 272010Teen Town
20.Pat Benatar 11904Heartbreaker
21.Patricia Kaas 4701Не позвонишь
22.Patricio Rey 4501Alien Dulce
23.Patsy Cline 15707Crazy
24.Paul Kelly 12906How To Make Gravy
25.Paul McCartney 48013 Legs
26.Paul Simon 218028Boxer
27.Pavement 203020Box Elder
28.Pax 217 13807Prizm
29.Paxton Tom 10308Last Thing On My Mind
30.Pearl Jam 5900110Alive
31.Pedro Abrunhosa 235012Beijo
32.Pedro The Lion 11809Winners Never Quit
33.Pell Axel Rudi 16007Carousel
34.Pennywise 7510136Alien
35.Per Gessle 10404Her Kommer Alla Kenslorna
36.Perfect Circle 17508Wake The Dead
37.Pet Shop Boys 193014Always On My Mind
38.Pete Murray 6904So Beautiful
39.Pete Yorn 189012Undercover
40.Peter Frampton 17007Breaking All The Rules
41.Peter Gabriel 211018Big Time
42.Peter, Paul And Mary 146020Autumn To May
43.Petrucci John 5701State of Grace
44.Petty Tom 10300149Accused Of Love
46.Phair Liz 14607Extraordinary
47.Phantom Planet 225023Anthem
48.Phaze 138010Tribal Trip
49.Phil Collins 279014Against All Odds
50.Phil Ochs 6808Rehersal For Retirement
51.Phish 577057Ac Dc Bag
52.Piaf Edith 15005Cest Un Gars
53.Pianoboy 7601Для тебя
54.Pietasters 10508Moving On Up
55.Pilarczyk Scott
110010Tear Them Apart
56.Piligrim Dj 20402Да я
57.Pillar 16909You Should Know
58.Pillows 345049Advice
59.Pinder Mike 5808You Cant Take Love Away
60.Pink 662033Family Portrait
61.Pink Floyd 13210189A Great Day For Freedom
62.Pitbull 176011Alright
63.Pitchshifter 123014As Seen On Tv
64.Pixies 245046Alec Eiffel
65.Placebo 778083Every You Every Me
66.Planet Smashers 1350132 Souvlaki Pita 1 Fry
67.Plankeye 10506Power
68.Plant Robert 13606Memory Song
69.Platters 8102Sixteen Tons
70.Plazma 16702Black Would Be White
71.Pleasure P 3401Shone
72.PlomBear 4801Долгая ночь
73.Plumb 13707Who Am I
74.Pogues 122013A Pair Of Brown Eyes
75.Poison 170022Every Rose Has Its Thorn
76.Poison The Well
14408Apathy Is A Cold Body
77.Police 541064Every Breath You Take
78.Polina Faith 17501Расстояния
79.Pop Iggy 493029Drink New Blood
80.Porcupine Tree 7605Lazarus
81.Porno For Pyros 13007Hard Charger
82.Portishead 13705Mysterons
83.Posies 116012Burn And Shine
84.Postgirobygget 137010Under Isen
85.Powderfinger 181024Already Gone
86.Powerman 5000 337039Automatic
87.Powter Daniel 14601Crazy All My Life
88.Pre Shrunk
19601851st State
89.Presidents Of The Usa 167022Bowl Weevil
90.Presley Elvis 894094A Little Less Conversation
91.Pressure 4-5 11507Pieces
92.Pretenders 15208Sense Of Purpose
93.Pretty Reckless 256010Make Me Wanna Die
94.Primal Scream 196018Burning Wheel
95.Primer 55 169019Dose
96.Primus 350061American Life
97.Prince 4901Purple rain
98.Princessa Avenue 15403Девчонка-малолетка
99.Prine John 299020All The Best
100.Procol Harum 382032Pandoras Box
101.Prodigy 318010Trigger
102.Professional Murder Music 10906Painkiller
103.Project 86 177010Chimes
104.Project Wyze 10805Room To Breathe
105.Prong 119013Another Worldly Device
106.Propagandhi 254039A Public Disservice Announcement From Shell
107.Puddle Of Mudd 364051She hates me
108.Puff Daddy 413039Missing You
109.Pug Jelly 11506Boxing Day
110.Pulley 249021Barf
111.Pulp 216021Disco 2000
112.Punchline 7705Getting There Is Getting By