Исполнители Топ
1.Al Bano and Romina Power 12301Isla para dos
2.R Kelly 10705Ignition Remix
3.R&J Звезды 13401Короли ночной Вероны
4.R.E.M. 11070159Everybody Hurts
5.RAMiZ 3801Два сердца
6.REY Art 6301У тебя есть я, у меня есть ты
7.Ra 18405Do You Call My Name
8.Radical Face 14001Ghost Towns
9.RadioHead 856099Creep
10.RadioLIFE 10001Пепел-слова
11.Rafferty Gerry 12005Right Down The Line
12.Rage 156010Not Forever
13.Rage Against The Machine 514081Ashes In The Fall
14.Raging Speedhorn 249032Chronic Youth
15.Rainbow 334031Catch The Rainbow
16.Rainhard Fendrich 11106I Am From Austria
17.Raitt Bonnie 1750163 Time Loser
18.Ramazzotti Eros 9203Se Bastasse
19.Rammstein 1208077Du Hast
20.Ramones 9730119Blitzkrieg Pop
21.Rancid 659010811th Hour
22.Randall J 5201Na Na Na
23.Randy Travis 177012Three Wooden Crosses
24.RasKar 5801Радуга
25.Rasmus 668058Sail Away
26.Ray Billy Cyrus 13206Wherem I Gonna Live
27.Ray Charles 12303Take These Chains
28.Rea Chris 238025All Summer Long
29.Reamonn 23408Weep
30.Red Elvises 15305Love Pipe
31.Red Hot Chili Peppers 12510186Californication
32.Redding Otis 8803Ive Been Loving You Too Long
33.Redondos 183012Una Piba Con La Temera De Greenpeace
34.Reed Lou 228011The Kids
35.Reef 230023All I Want
36.Reel Big Fish 363050241
37.Reflex 25805Это новый год
38.Refreshments 191019Ballad Of Hank Hill
39.Refused 14407The Shape Of Punk To Come
40.Reichel Achim 10104Halla Ballu Ballay
41.Reinhart Django 6702Manoir De Mes Reves
42.Relient K 45006417 Magazine
43.Rembrandts 14805Just The Way It Is Baby
148011Storm Cloud
45.Remy Zero 8503Life In Rain
46.Replacements 207016Alex Chilton
47.Reset 12308Pollution
48.Reveille 14408What You Got
49.Revel 68
50.Rey Patricio 9608Alien Dulce
51.Rhapsody of Fire 514041Holy Thunderforce
52.Rheon Iwan 54808Happy Again
53.Rhymes Busta 15504Break Ya Neck
54.RiDer Денис 61804Bomba
55.Rice Damien 15407I Remember
56.Richard Ashcroft 202010A Song For The Lovers
57.Richard Little 236012Kansas City
58.Richard Marx 13306At The Beginning
59.Richard Thompson 520038When The Spell Is Broken
60.Richey Kim 13607Youll Never Know
61.Richie Lionel 12705Easy
62.Ricky Martin 10306She Bangs
63.Rida Flo 845028American Superstar
64.Riddlin Kids 169021Anyday Now
65.Righteous Brothers 12302Unchained Melody
66.Rimes Leann 12705How Do I Live
67.Ringo Starr 9104Youre Sixteen
68.Rise Against 259021Black Masks And Gasoline
69.Ritchie Blackmore 183012Wish You Were Here
70.Ritchie Valens 18306Come On Lets Go
71.Riverdales 14007Wanna Be Alright
72.Rivermaya 459042214
73.Rivers 11201Rivers - В старом парке
74.Rivers Johnny 19608Secret Agent Man
75.Rob Zombie 687044Meet The Creeper
76.Robbie Williams 727062Angels
77.Robert Johnson 18706Crossroad Blues
78.Robert Keen Earl 229014Amarillo Highway
79.Robert Plant 9006Memory Song
80.Robyn Hitchcock 15108Egyptian Cream
81.Rock Ls. 8301Rock feat. NaSty - Всем
82.RockerJoker 5101Саня останется с нами!
83.Rod Stewart 395026Youre In My Heart
84.Rodriguez Silvio 211016Ando Como Hormiguita
85.Roger Clyne 14809Beautiful Disaster
86.Roger McGuinn 3401America For Me
87.Roger Miller 11008You Cant Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd
88.Roger Waters 390019What God Wants Part Three
89.Rogers Stan 294028A Matter Of Heart
90.Rolling Stones 15350197Angie
91.Rollins Band 11807Thursday Afternoon
92.Ronan Keating 237022Brighter Days
93.Rootlifter 225020Angel Of Serenity
94.Rory Gallagher 17109Calling Card
95.Rosenstrom Bjorn 18709Sockiplast
96.Rossi Vasco 146010L Una Per Te
97.Roth David Lee 10607Yankee Rose
98.Rotting Christ 21608Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers
99.Roxette 767072Listen To Your Heart
100.Roy Orbison 215041Too Soon To Know
101.Ruby Blue 160010The Quiet Mind - For Joe
102.Rudess Jordan 5401State of Grace
103.Rudi Axel Pell 16007Carousel
104.Rufio 254029Above Me
105.Rufus Wainwright 13604California
106.Rule Ja 22105Down Ass Bitch
107.Runga Bic 12305Sway
108.Running Wild 215025Black Hand Inn
109.RusKey 3701Мне так нужна твоя красота
110.Rush 89801592112 Discovery
111.Ryan Adams 393025Answering Bell