Исполнители Топ
1.Angus and Julia Stone 8502Big Jet Plane
2.S Club 7 210014So Right
3.ST 190013Титaник
4.ST1M 11506Я буду твоим ангелом
5.Sabina Joaquin 14207Calle Melancolia
6.Sade 270012The Sweetest Gift
7.Saliva 394017Sand Castle
8.Sam Cooke 15006Twistin The Night Away
9.Samael 217010Baphomets Throne
10.Samhain 680041Unholy Passions
11.Sammy Dj 9601Heaven
12.Sandler Adam 282016Somebody Kill Me
13.Santana Carlos 964056Yaleo
14.Santos Paolo 166036Seasons Of Love
15.Sarah McLachlan 5001Adia
16.Sasha DJ Dith 6801Позови меня
17.Satanic Surfers 454041Whatever
18.Satriani Joe 930074What Breaks A Heart
19.Satyricon 175014Tied In Bronze Chains
20.Savage Garden 237025You Can Still Be Free
21.Save Ferris 14208The World Is New
22.Saves The Day 367024Tomorrow Too Late
23.Saxon 279022Taking Your Chances
24.School Of Rock
14905Step Off
25.Scissor Sisters 9903Return To Oz
26.Scooter 32809How Much Is The Fish
27.Scorpions 1731098When You Came Into My Life
28.Scott Joplin 12005Chrysanthemum
29.Scott Pilarczyk
65010Tear Them Apart
30.Screeching Weasel 575042Youre The Enemy
31.Seal 12507No Easy Way
32.Sean Kingston 4401Roll
33.Seandy 3301Под облаками
34.Seether 506014Out Of My Way
35.Seger Bob 180011Youll Accompany Me
36.Selena Gomez 373010Send in on
37.Semisonic 266011Shes Got My Number
38.Senses Fail 15309The Ground Folds Acoustic
39.Sentenced 277019When The Moment Of Death Arrives
40.Sepultura 935073War
41.Serial Joe 214012Skydrow
42.Sevendust 397027Separate
43.Sex Pistols 606029Submission
44.Shadows 17507Foot Tapper
45.Shadows Fall 156011Thoughts Without Words
46.Shakira 530020Whenever, Wherever
47.Shakur Tupac 26909Ambitionz Az A Ridah
48.Shami 19205Я тебя тоже
49.Shania Twain 264016When
50.Shawn Colvin 177015Heart On Ice
51.Shawn Mullins 4405Anchored In You
52.Sheila On 7 272016Seberapa Pantas
53.Sheryl Crow 412036Anything But Down
54.Shinedown 4402Save Me
55.Shocking Blue 11702Never Marry A Railroad Man
56.Shot 22004Судьба
57.Siakol 231012Peksman
58.Sick Of It All 543037Underground
59.Sifo 10901Толпа зажигает
60.Silverchair 991069Too Much Of Not Enough
61.Silvio Rodriguez 4201Ando Como Hormiguita
62.Simon And Garfunkel 516026The Only Living Boy In New York
63.Simon Paul 144028Boxer
64.Simple Plan 514019Whats New Scooby Doo
65.Sinatra Frank 16807Fly Me To The Moon
66.Sinatra Nancy 5405Bang Bang
67.Sinead O'Connor 127013Black Boys On Mopeds
68.Sister Hazel 339020Your Winter
69.Six Feet Under 243019Tomorrows Victim
70.Sixpence None The Richer 404024With Every Breath
71.Ska-p 14106Cannabis
72.Skid Row 242013Wasted Time
73.Skillet 406015Youre Powerful
74.Skunk Anansie 421022Hedonism
75.Slade 18008Ooh La La In L.A.
76.Slapshock 377022Wake Up
77.Slashs Snakepit 350026Truth
78.Slayer 1006094Wicked
79.Slick Shoes 174014The Last Round
80.Slide 3703Уже не те
81.Slim 7307Знай он всe видит
82.Slimz 4501Не Молчи
83.Slipknot 936060Three Nil
84.Sloan 224015The Rest Of My Life
85.Small Faces 403029Wild World
86.Smash 5702Он больше не придет
87.Smash DJ 5201Москва
88.Smash Mouth 312014Walking On The Sun
89.Smashing Pumpkins 16300128Xyu
90.Smile Empty Soul 317014Therapy
91.Smiths 420023Well I Wonder
92.Smokie 626026The Dancer
93.Snoop Dogg 5601X
94.Snot 207013Snot
95.Snow Patrol 310018Wow
96.Social Distortion 337017This Time Darlin
4601Arent You Hungry
98.Soda Stereo 374021Zoom
99.Soil 226013Road To Ruin
100.Sokolovsky 8404Мама
101.Something Corporate 310021Straw Dog
102.Sonata Arctica 384028Unopened
103.Sonic Youth 834058Youth Against Fascism
104.Soul Asylum 16208April Fool
105.SoulFly 443030Zumbi
106.Soundgarden 820057Ty Cobb
107.Sparta 236013Vacant Skies
108.Sparxxx Bubba 8102Ugly
109.Spears Britney 545024Crazy
110.Spice Girls 22106Let Love Lead The Way
111.Spineshank 400026Violent Mood Swings
112.Springsteen Bruce 609048Youre Missing
113.Spunge 327023Live Another Day
114.Sr-71 255018Truth
115.Stabbing Westward 446032So Far Away
116.Staind 586046Yesterday
117.Stan Rogers 3901A Matter Of Heart
118.Starr Ringo 6504Youre Sixteen
119.Starsailor 278018Talk Her Down
120.Starting Line 366022Threes A Charm
121.Static X 600028Wisconsin Death Trip
122.Status Quo 366024Wild Side Of Life
123.Steel Инна 14201Любовь остается
124.Steely Dan 210015Rikki Dont Lose That Number
125.Stephen Bishop 8001It Might Be You
126.Stephen Lynch 380035Bitch
127.Steppenwolf 13706Pusher
128.Stereophonics 857047You Stole My Money Honey
129.Steve Earle 17608Goodbye
130.Steve Miller 5807Take The Money And Run
131.Steve Morse 6206Runaway Train
132.Steve Vai 460034The Duel
133.Steven Chapman Curtis 8005Let Us Pray
134.Stevens Cat 475025The Hurt
135.Stevie Nicks 6501After The Glitter Fades
136.Stevie Ray Vaughan 424020Tin Pan Alley
137.Stevie Wonder 17408I Wish
138.Stewart Rod 156026Youre In My Heart
139.Sting 756029You Still Touch Me
140.Stone Roses 495025This Is The One
141.Stone Sour 551016Through the glass
142.Stone Temple Pilots 583042Wonderful
143.Stooges 21807Dirt
144.Story Of The Year 23108Anthem Of Our Dying Day
145.Stranglers 227015Dead Los Angeles
146.Stratovarius 751060Twilight Time
147.Stroke 9 17709100 Girls
148.Strokes 693025You Talk Way Too Much
149.Strung Out 266020Mind Of My Own
150.Stu Hamm 9804Sleigh Ride
151.Styx 245014Yes I Can
152.Sublime 1258059Work That We Do
153.Suede 232018Still Life
154.Sugababes 12505Breathe Easy
155.Sugar Ray 401022Waiting
156.Sugarcult 335020Youre The One
157.Suicidal Tendencies 371032You Cant Bring Me Down
158.Suicide Machines 380025Zero
159.Sum 41 480013Thanks for nothing
160.SunSay 590033...
161.SunStroke Project 7202Walking in the rain
162.Supertones 235014What You Say
163.Supreme Playaz Connection 6001Составчик тронулся
164.Suzy Bogguss 11508Outbound Plane
165.Switchfoot 315016Twenty-four
166.Syd Barrett 274025Love Song
167.Symphony X 279020Smoke And Mirrors
168.System Of A Down 1398093Were On Drugs
169.Димка 'Sart' Колосов
21903Новое утро