Anathema - Sleepless Аккорды, Табы

By Anathema
(from the album Serenades)
Tabbed by slateman (te0011@eve.albany.edu)
^--hammer on/pull off
/--slide up/down
'--pig squeal (or whatever the technical name is!)
   (area used on right hand differs...experiment!)
[Note: The opening note of Sleepless may begin with a low B, in which
case the band either tuned their guitars way down, or were using 7
string guitars (not uncommon nowadays).  In either case, it can be
played with standard 6 string tuning.  The (2) in the opening sequence
is just to denote the B.]
     Section A
G| E-------------------------------------------------------
U| B-------------------------------------------------------
I| G-------------------------------------------------------
T| D--------------------4---4-----5---5--------4---4-------
A| A-(2)--5--4--0--2-----------2---------2-----------------
R| E--0---------------2---2-----3---3------2-2---2---2-3-2-
 |                                         * 
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