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After The Fall - Elvis Costello
Am              E                                        Am
In an anonymous rendez-vous where the forbidden lovers repair
        C                         G
They're burning down another damn candle
        E                      Fmaj7
they're melting the tables and chairs
  Am                           E
Beneath them applause from the balcony
whenever they accomplished making love
C                                   G
Other times they thought they heard laughter
E                       Fmaj7 (here there obviously is more....)
coming from the balcony above
    G                         D
She lies to his right and she carelessly resites
Em                       D
All of her brand new appetites
          G                          D
She seems brittle and small it don't sound like her at all
Em                         E
Since she came back to him After the fall
She said You never visited the countryside
So I've made you a country to order
She put up a little tent in the bedroom
Crickets played on a tape recorder
The ceiling was festooned with phosphorous stars
She noticed his skin turning cold
Burning all his clothes on the bonfire
Relax she whispered and tightened the blindfold
She lies to his right.....
You've changed but not for the better, babe
I'd tell you why but what's the use
'Cause it's the same kind of pity
a drunkard gives as his excuse
You were sharp and ideal as a bobby pin
Now your eyes are deserted and quiet
We both look like those poor shattered mannequins
Thrown through the window in the riot
She lies in his arms and without any qualms
Revels in shallow delights
She seems brittle and small it don't look like her at all
Since she came back to him After the fall
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