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From: Steve Nicholson 
Cindy tells me
by Brian Eno
C  Am  C  Am  C  Am  D  G
|:        C                       Am
Cindy tells me the rich girls are weeping
          C                      Am
Cindy tells me they've given off sleeping alone
    C           Am                   D     G     :|
and now they're so confused by their new freedoms
and she tells me they're selling off their maisonettes
left the Hotpoints to rust in the kitchenettes
and they're saving their labor for insane reading
C            D                     A
Some of them lose and some of them loose
C                      D                       A
But that's what they want and that's what they choose
F         G    D
It's a burden, such a burden
C         D                  A
Oh what a burden to be so relied on
[instrumental verse]
[repeat chorus]
[1/2 instrumental verse]
Cindy tell me what will they do with their lives
living quietly like laborer's wives
Perhaps they'll reacquire those things they've all disposed of
F  G  F  G  F  G  A
Steve Nicholson, 74431.40@compuserve.com
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