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From: tschmid@andy.bgsu.edu (Dr. Frank N. Furter)

  From Mason.L.Allen@dartmouth.edu (Mason L. Allen)
  Subject: TAB: Had a Dad (Jane`s Addiction)
  Organization: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 04:12:26 GMT
  i don`t know why on earth i`m doing this, considering i have a gov. 6
  midterm tomorrow i haven`t really prepared for... but here goes:
  by Jane`s Addiction of the Nothing`s Shocking album
  i dont`t have the time to do this right, so here`s the main chords  
  riffs, roughly speaking...
	Minor correction. It's like this:
    A  G      A   Amaj7sus4+15 (or something like that) (slide down)
  I had a Dad
  big   strong
  turned around, found my daddy gone
  he was the one, who made me what i am today
  its up to me now, my daddy has gone away
  i spoke to the mountains
  listened to the sea
  they both told that the fountain was the best thing you can be
  my daddy`s hand, it grew
  slow to the licking
  sonny boy
  grew to whip him!
	Come now, do you really think that exclamation point is necessary?
Besides, you left out this section:

	E E G G G A
	E E G G G A
	E E G G G Amaj7 , etc...not hard to figure out.
   [ A ]  if you see my dad,  [ C ]  tell him my  [ G ]  brothers
  all gone mad they`re beating on each other
   [ G ]  i walked around  [ G ]  even tried to call
   [ E ]  got this funny feeling  [ E ]  he`s not there at all
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