Pink - My Vietnam Аккорды, Табы

 Title: My Vietnam
Artist: P!nk
Album: Missundaztood
Tabbed by: Anne
I watched the Diary of P!nk on MTV 
where Linda Perry played the verses like this:

Actually it is a Bm plugged. 
So make a Bm and plug it like this:
(Riff 1):                                       |  CHORDS:            |
                                                |                     |
e|------2----------------                       |  Bm:  224432 (barre)|
B|----------3------------                       |                     | 
G|--------4--------------                       |   D:  000232        |
D|--4--------------------                       |                     |
A|--2--------------------                       |   A:  577655 (barre)|
E|-----------------------                       |                     |
                                                |  F#:  553222 (barre)|
                                                |                     |
                                                |   G:  355433 (barre)|
(Riff1)                                         |_____________________|
Daddy was a soldier                                       
He taught me about freedom                                   
Peace and all the great things that we                        
take advantage of                                            
D              A
Once I fed the homeless
Bm           F#
I'll never forget
D                     A
the look upon their faces as I
Bm               F#
Treated them with respect
Bm          A    
This is my vietnam
G     F#
I'm at war
Bm            A
Life keeps on dropping bombs
   G      F#
and I keep score
Momma was a lunatic
She liked to push my buttons
She said I wasn't good enough but I
guess I wasn't trying
D             A
Never liked school that much
Bm                    F#
They tried to teach me better
D                 A
but I just wasnt hearin it because
Bm                           F#
I thought I was already pretty clever
This is my vietnam
I'm at war
Life keeps on dropping bombs
and I keep score x2
Em            Bm
What do you exspect from me
Em            Bm
what am I not giving you
Em            Bm
What could I do for you to 
Em                 F#
make me okay in your eyes
This is my vietnam
I'm at war
Life keeps on dropping bombs
and I keep score x2

This is my vietnam... this is my vietnam..

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