Прикольные песни - 0A программистов (ENG) Аккорды, Табы

Играется на четыре четверти, желательно перебором. Поётся на манер баллады. Там, где 
запись  Fm, нужно просто сотворить звук в бесконечность (рука резко опускается по 
E		C
0A young programmers began to work online, 
Am		H7
One didn't pay for Internet, and then there were 9. 
9 young programmers used copies that they made, 
But one was caught by FBI, and then there were 8. 
8 young programmers discussed about heaven, 
One said It's Windows 95 , and then there were 7. 
7 young programmers found bugs they want to fix, 
But one was fixed by the bug, and then there were 6. 
6 young programmers were testing the hard drive, 
One got the string Format complete, and then there were 5. 
5 young programmers were running the FrontDoor, 
The BBS of one was hacked, and then there were 4. 
4 young programmers worked using only C , 
One said some good about Pascal, and then there were 3. 
3 young programmers didn't know what to do, 
One tried to call the on-line help, and then there were 2. 
2 young programmers were testing what they done, 
One got a virus in his brain, and then there was 1. 
1 young programmer was mighty as a hero, 
But tried to speak with user, and then there were 0. 
Dm		G7
Boss cried: Oh, where is the program we must have  
C		Fm		 Fm
And fired one programmer, and then there were FF. 
шаблоны для dle 11.2
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