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Artist: the Red Elvises
album: I wanna see you belly dance
somg: Stewardess
Tabbed by: Misterperosn
Date: Feb. 4, 2005

Tab symbols
--2(3)-----------One-half bend; bend up one half-step (one fret)
--(3)2-----------Pre bend and releas, one half-step.
F (133211)
Bb (x1333x)
C (x3555x)
D (x5777x)
G (355433)
A (xo222o) or sometimes (577655)

Riff # 1 (intro) can also be played over chorus
D A C G Bb A F A

D A C G Bb A F Bb C

1st Verse:
F F Bb C F F Bb C
Yesterday I got a crazy phone call
F F Bb C F F Bb C
never knew I'd fly so far away
F F Bb C F F Bb C
now they want the band to play in Hongkong
D C Bb F Bb C
I can't believe its happening today

F F Bb C F F Bb C
I know why my baby often left me
F F Bb C F F Bb C
'couse all I did was rock all day
F F Bb C F F Bb C
she took my money and called 900 numbers
D C Bb F Bb C
left me with bill I have to pay

D A C G Bb A (open) F A (barr)
Oh flying all night long shes the only one on a red-hot flight from LA to Hongkong
D A C G Bb A (open) F Bb C
Oh Stewardess in red stop messing my head, can you fix another drink I'm sad

1nd verse:
I have a feeling this flight will last forever
I have a feeling of falling in love with her
you just fool in red say I won't ever
Bring another drink and smile some more

Ending: Bb C F
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