Sum 41 - Thanks for nothing Аккорды, Табы

Вступление: Dm , B , F , C - 2 раза
            Dm , B , F , C - 2 раза с фузом
Dm                        B
I\'ll never take part in the growing population
F                     C
Or waste my time with further education (hooha!)
Forget what we know, it\'s just a big show
What they want to control
So jaded and frustrated
It\'s all so complicated
Fashion, no passion surrounds me

All I know is I\'ve heard this all before
Reality\'s a bore (is a bore)
You ask me to believe in something fake, 
well I can\'t bring myself to do what
You want me to (want me to)
This is who we are and (who we are)
nothing\'s gonna change, nothing\'s gonna change
I can\'t take part in the business man illusion,
I\'ll take my chance in the real world confusion
Don\'t blame us, who do we trust when they\'re so dishonest
No patience, this nation\'s obsessed with exploitation
Lying, denying surrounds me
(what!) Don\'t think you can ignore us (ignore us)
Don\'t tell me that we\'re to blame(we\'re to blame)
Don\'t pick our future for us(for us)
Or act like we\'re the same
Thanks for nothing (I\'ve heard this all before),
Thanks for nothing (reality\'s a bore),
Thanks for nothing (it\'ll never be the same),
Thanks for nothing (and nothing\'s gonna change)
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